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Monday, July 07, 2014 - Download, Create, Customize, and Photoshop Own Photos

For sometime now, i have always wanted to write on sites like Its amazing what you can actually do and achieve on some few websites on the internet which allows you do almost anything you want with pictures and is one to reckon with when it comes to creating, customizing, editing and even downloading own pictures online which can be used for various purposes depending on what you really want.

On ImageChef, you can actually pick a template on customize, Customize Jersey(football jersey, basketball jersey etc) with which you can choose to include your name, you can also customize Fun Notes and more.

download imagechef, create, customize and photoshop pictures

The site has got a membership feature which means, you will be required to log in or register before you can actually create or customize photos or images. Personally, I really have not spent much time on the site but I can guarantee that the site has got loads of amazing features for photo lovers.

Some Few Things You Can Do On

Just like I had stated earlier, imagechef is basically aimed at creating, editing and customizing beautiful pictures but do you know you can also download those pictures? Well yes and not only that, you can choose to make animation pictures which of course are in .gif format and can be used as screensavers or wallpapers depending on the mobile device you use.

Is ImageChef Just For Mobile Users?
Of course No! It has got an interface for both mobile and PC users hence, you can actually use ImageChef or your mobile phone as well as as your PC Computer.

How Do I Visit ImageChef
Its simple, just input on your browser address and you are on to enjoy creating and customizing your own photos and more. More so, in my subsequent posts I will be writing on other related website pages where you can create, edit, customize and download your own pictures online for absolutely no cost.

Can I Download Other Images On

Yes you can. If you've been using bbm and checking other people's dps, you probably must have come across images with watermark. If am correct, then those images were downloaded from imagechef.

Posted By: Adeniyi Samuel on Monday, July 07, 2014

Sunday, July 06, 2014

MTN BIS On Computer, Android and iOS Blocked, Other Cheap Browsing Method

Just when we thought MTN Bis plan working flawlessly on PC Computer, android, iPad and iPhone has come to stay for a while till perhaps the FIFA world cup was over, hopes were short lived. This seemed like airtel free browsing cheat on PC and android which didn't last long. It seem like these mobile telecommunication companies are up to frustrating youths by blocking every browsing cheat or tweak that is been discovered one way or the other.

Oh well, thank God for the fact that they didn't take what I would term as 'cheap browsing' away from us. If they eventually do, I would perhaps turn most of my sims to answering machine.
mtn bis on computer blocked, other means of browsing cheap in nigeria

Without much talk, the point is, the most recent tweak which allows the use of mtn bis on PC via the use of PDProxy, android via droidvpn, iPad and iPhone via openvpn, have all been blocked. This blocking isn't specified to these vpns alone. In general, mtn bis no longer work with VPN softwares. At least, not for now.

Having said that, lets revert to the only cheap browsing methods we currently have and that's the use of airtel bis and glo bis. Yes, I know you are aware of those but those are the cheap browsing method currently working.

Cheap Browsing Method Currently In Nigeria

I personally get 12GB of data for just 4000 per month compared to normal data subscription which could go as high as paying 5000 for just 3GB of data. Take my advice, stick to using glo or airtel bis on your PC, android or other devices. If airtel isn't good in your area, then move to glo. But if both network isn't good in your area, then you might as well start making plans to packing out of that hood o.

Use Airtel BIS ON PC, Android, iPad and iPhone

This isn't new. You probably know about this. A normal bcm code sent to 440 for monthly bis subscription could be used on computer, android, iPad, iPhone or any other device flawlessly without having to undergo any special settings.
For more information on this, please visit

Use Glo BIS on PC, Android, iPad and iPhone

Using Glo bis on these devices based on my usage so far, requires a bb10 phone such as a Z10, Q10, Q5. Just subscribe to glo comonth monthly plan, turn on the hotspot feature on the blackberry phone and connect whatever device you want to browse on via wireless.
For more information on this, please visit

When any new free browsing or cheap browsing comes up, I will definitely share it with you here on trueinternetworld.

Posted By: Adeniyi Samuel on Sunday, July 06, 2014

Saturday, July 05, 2014

OLX Nigeria - Beware Of Scammers On The Online Marketplace

Its been quite some time now since i have always wanted to talk on olx nigeria and scammers who are obviously trying to bring the reputation of the online marketplace to the muds. If you are an internet researcher who have always sourced for buying and selling things online, you probably would have heard of

The site isn't new. No, not all all. Its been existing for a pretty long time now although rapid explosion was just put to place sometime ago. Initially, when i first knew of olx nigeria, it seemed interesting to me. I actually loved the innovation behind the website.

OLX website isn't just present in Nigeria alone, its even present in the US alongside other few countries. OLX was created as an online marketplace in which, anyone could sell their used belonging to interested buyers.
beware of scammers on olx nigeria

As at when i first knew about OLX, it was pretty comfortable and 'almost' scam free but for some couple of months now, the reverse as been the case. I recall buying my Tecno n9 android tablet from a seller who posted the ads on OLX. We bargained on the price over the phone, meet one on one and sealed the deal. It felt awesome because i bought the product at a more lesser price than what it was been sold in the market.

Beware Of Scammers On OLX Nigeria

Couple of months back, i wanted to buy a used Blackberry phone for a friend, there were loads of devices which obviously met my specification but what amused me was the prices attached to what were described as 'Brand New'. You can imagine a situation whereby a Brand new Blackberry Q10 is going for around N30000.

At first, i felt a little skeptical but you know what the elders say: 'A Trial will convince you'. I decided to give the seller a call. In the course of our conversation, he was like, i would have to pay an upfront payment which was termed as 'Commitment' before the phone can be delivered to my doorstep. At the sound of this, i asked 'Oh really?' and he said yes. In my kind attitude, i told him thanks but i don't indulge in such deals and he said that's how the company operates.

That's just an instance. Couple of other deals i perceived as scam always acted in like manner. People as these are now all over OLX. Going from cars, to Electronics and others.

Safety Tips For Shopping On OLX Nigeria

Scamming is something no one has the power to control. However, everyone has the power to prevent been scammed. I'd believe only greedy people can be scammed in most cases(Forgive my instinct if i am wrong).
  • OLX always state on its website that she shouldn't send any amount whatsoever to any seller for a product you intend buying. 
  •  OLX recommends you meet with the seller in an open place, properly check what you are buying before making payment and leaving with your product.
  • Forgive me if am been biased, but OLX was created as a market place for sells of used or 'no longer need' belongings and it's only advisable to stay at that. Most brand new products flagged on the website are scams.
If you must buy brand new products online, you should look at other places like Konga, Jumia and a couple of other sites which promises payment on delivery for its product.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Its better to what some credit on airtime in getting full details on how a deal is done rather than send money that's obviously gonna end up in voice mail.

Now for the OLX team, i understand that ads posted on the website are moderated before been posted. I would advise that the team stick to approving and publishing only used products rather than approving brand new products everywhere.

Amongst all this, OLX Nigeria still rocks. I love the innovation but more security measures needed to be put in place to reduce scamming since it cannot be stopped.

Posted By: Adeniyi Samuel on Saturday, July 05, 2014

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Set Up MTN BIS To Work On iPhone, iPad iOS Devices Using OpenVPN

If you are an MTN BIS user and also own a PC or Android device, i want to believe that you are already rocking the use of mtn bis on these devices. If by now, you still haven't tried it then please permit me to say that you are on a very longggggggggg thing.

It is quite understood that free browsing cheats and stuffs related as this rarely works with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad hence, users of these devices are often left behind.

We have got good news for iPhone and iPad users, MTN BIS can be configured to work on your devices via the use of OpenVPN.
use mtn bis on iphone and ipad

How Can I Use MTN BIS On iPhone and iPad?

If you use any of these devices and perhaps haven't surfed for a while now due to high cost of internet data, smile again because MTN BIS daily plan is just around N120 which works for 24hours ours. Please Don't get it confused pal, ordinarily using mtn bis on your iphone wouldn't work. You need to set up OpenVPN in other for it to work.


==> Download OpenVPN from your device App store which is known as iTunes
==> Secondly, download and extract the .OVPN file here into your OpenVPN inbox and input your registered username and password. You can always check for free usernames and password
==> Use username as vpnbook and password as 3rEreWre
==> Use default Blackberry APN which is on your openvpn configuration and you are good to go.

Once again, if you have an active mtn bis plan and you are not flexing it on your android or pc device then pray you are not lost in sambisa forest but if you are, trueinternetworld is here to find you.

If your excuse at initial post was because you are using an iOS device like iPhone or iPad, we have given you the steps on how to use mtn bis on your iOS device above.

Posted By: Adeniyi Samuel on Thursday, July 03, 2014

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Set Up MTN BIS Plan To Work On PC Using PDProxy VPN July 2014

Hello there, its great having you here again and we didn't come empty head, we came with the information that MTN BIS plan currently works on PC using PDProxy VPN.

If you ask me, i would say this is obviously a great way to start the month of July 2014 has cheap browsing seem to evolve for both android and PC users. If you are an android User and would like to know how to use MTN BIS on your android device, check out this post.
use mtn bis plan on pc with pdproxy

How Do I Use MTN BIS Plan ON PC?

As stated in the title of this post, we are specifically going to be talking on how to use MTN blackberry Internet Subscription plan on  PC computer using PDProxy.


If you actually used the last month's (june 2014) airtel free browsing cheat on PC, then you should already have PDProxy software up and running on your PC Computer. If you haven't downloaded it before, you can download from their official website here.

If its your first time downloading the software, then i presume you haven't registered before. If that is true, please register for an account at

Having downloaded the required software, Unzip and launch and if prompt to install tap drivers, please do so.

==> When done, Navigate to settings on PDProxy, tools, advanced settings and click on Parent Proxy and set up using the following settings:
==> First of all, tick on enable parent proxy, inside the proxy, enter and set port to 8080
==> Now, click on Headers and inside the box, enter the following parameters:
==> Host as, x-host as
==> Save the settings and move back to your modem settings.

Under Modem network settings, use the following parameters:

APN should be
Username and password should be left empty
Save and connect.

Go back to your PDProxy and connect and you should be good to go.

Please Note that PDProxy trial accounts are limited to 100MB daily date. I would advise you use the mtn daily bis package in testing out this trick and the daily plan gives 3GB of data which is same as the monthly.

Can I Use MTN BIS On PC With Other VPN Softwares?

Currently, a couple of VPN software other than PDProxy works with MTN BIS. In subsequent posts, we will be showing you how you can configure mtn bis to work on other vpn software like tunnelguru and others,

Posted By: Adeniyi Samuel on Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

July 2014 Method To Using MTN BIS On Android Phones With DroidVPN

Hello Buddy, First of all let me wish you a Happy New Month as we step into the second half of 2014 and in same vein, introduce you to the July 2014 Method on how to use MTN BIS subscription on android phones using droidvpn.

During the course of the months past, we have experienced a few free browsing tricks. The most recent was the airtel free browsing cheat rocking on both PC and android which lasted a couple of weeks before airtel engineers woke up from their slumber which we thought would last more longer.

Either ways, life goes on. Glo and Airtel BIS subscriptions have been rocking perfectly on android and PC devices and now, we'd like to introduce that of MTN Nigeria.
use mtn bis subscription on android with droidvpn

How Do I Use MTN BIS On Android?

First and foremost, you will need droidvpn application installed on your phone. Just launch the Google Play store app on your phone and search for droidVPN.

Please note: For devices running android OS below 4.0, you will be required to root your android device. For android OS 4.0+ device users, you are good to go.


==> Launch the DroidVPN app and navigate to settings.
==> Click on connections and choose TCP
==> Having done that, configure using the following settings:
==> UDP as 53, TCP as 5222
==> Bind Local as 1100
==> When done with those, Go to Http Header settings in droidVPN and configure using the following parameters:
==> Host:
==> X-Host:
==> Enable Proxy and tick enable IP, Proxy should be and port should be 8080.

Now, configure your android normal internet settings using the following settings:

proxy and Port should be left empty.

When done configuring using the steps above, you can now use your ongoing MTN BIS Subscription on your Android Device. If you are thinking of subscribing to MTN BIS to confirm this trick, i would advice you start out with the daily BIS Plan.

Based on information, the MTN Daily BIS plan gives 3GB and goes for N120 and monthly BIS plan gives you same 3GB. However, please note that DroidVPN trial account is capped with 100MB daily while premium users can surf unlimited till their grandfather calls them and decides to go off the internet.

In subsequent post, i will be sharing with you a trick on how to use droidvpn premium server for free.

For glo users, GLO BIS Subscription still rocks for PC, android and other devices with wireless feature. Just follow this post to learn how to enjoy glo bis on PC, android, iPad and other devices.

Posted By: Adeniyi Samuel on Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

52 Commonly Used Abbreviations On Facebook While Chatting And TheirMeanings

A couple of times, most people tend to use abbreviations instead of full words while chatting on social medias like Facebook, BBM, twitter and even while having a face to face conversation. One of the most commonly used are lol and ASAP. Am i correct? Am pretty sure you might have even come across TGIF. Most people tend not to know the full meaning of these abbreviations and that's where this post comes in handy.

Here on this post, we will be listing out 52 most frequently used abbreviations while chatting on facebook, BBM or when having a face to face conversation.

Commonly used abbreviations on Facebook while chatting

Commonly Used Abbreviations on Facebook And Their Meanings

  1. ASAP: As Soon As Possible

  2. ASL: Age/ Sex/ Location

  3. B4: Before

  4. B4U: Before You

  5. BRB: Be Right Back

  6. BTW: By The Way

  7. B/W: Between

  8. Cuz: Because

  9. FYI: For Your Info

  10. FB: Facebook

  11. GM: Good Morning

  12. GN: Good Night

  13. GNASD: Good Night and Sweet Dreams

  14. IDK: I don’t Know

  15. IM: Instant Message

  16. JK: Just Kidding

  17. K: Okay

  18. L8: Late

  19. LOL: Laugh out Loud (Could also mean, Lots Of Love)

  20. LMAO: Laugh my ass of

  21. LMFAO: Laugh my f**king ass off

  22. LMK: Let Me Know

  23. L8r: Later

  24. M/F? : Male or Female?

  25. Msg: Message

  26. OMG : Oh My God

  27. Pls: Please

  28. Plz: Please

  29. PM me: Private Message me (send me a Private Message)

  30. Ppl: People

  31. r: are

  32. Rly: Reply (can also be used Really)

  33. SD: Sweet Dreams

  34. tht: that

  35. Thx: Thanks

  36. Tnx: Thanks

  37. Txt: Text

  38. TY: Thank You

  39. Ttly: Talk to you later

  40. TGIF : Thank God Its Friday

  41. u: you

  42. ur: your

  43. u’ll: you will

  44. wtf:  What the f**k

  45. wth: What the hell

  46. zzz: Sleeping

  47. LLNP:Long Life And Prosperity

  48. HBD:Happy Birthday

  49. H:Hello

  50. I:Hi

  51. G2G:Got to Go

  52. IDK:I don’t Know

More Frequently used abbreviations On Facebook While Chatting?

Yes, we know the 52 abbreviations listed above are not all. However, we are open to getting more abbreviations and their meanings from you via comments. If you are looking for a meaning to an abbreviation not on the list above, simply post it via comment and we would try our best to help you with it.

Posted By: Adeniyi Samuel on Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fix Unable To Upload Pics Via Gallery On 2go Using Blackberry Q5, Q10,Z10

I recall the first time I bought my blackberry 10 phone, the first app I downloaded and installed was 2go messenger. I downloaded and installed the app not because I loved it so much but because most apps I liked were pre-installed. Most secondary apps I needed like opera, Google chrome or Firefox where not present in the blackberry world.

Guess I should just say, I was actually forced to downloading the app first lol.

On my earlier post, I wrote on how to download 2go messenger for blackberry 10. My experience with the 2go app on bb10 hasn't been awesome. I actually preferred the android version. I didn't so much enjoy the app on my bb because I couldn't upload my pics via gallery folder on my bb10. The only way I could upload pics was via direct camera which sucks.
Fix unable to upload pics on 2go using blackberry 10 phone

Based on that issue I was having, I'd have to revert to my android tablet whenever I want to upload a pics to my 2go account via gallery. At first, I thought I was the only one experiencing this but then, I realized it was a general problem with blackberry 10 phones like blackberry Z10, Q5, Q10.

Following this ordeal, I have always wanted a solution to help those experiencing such problems and Yes, I did.

Solution To Uploading Pics On 2go Via Gallery Folder Using Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z10

Knowing that I could install android apps on my blackberry 10 easily, I decided to delete the bb10 version of the 2go app installed on my phone and then download the android version.

Initially, it was difficult getting the official 2go app for android to download but I got it. After downloading and installing the android version of 2go messenger on the bb10 phone, it worked fine. Uploading profile pics via gallery now works, sending pics via gallery also works and it seemed much faster than the normal 2go app for blackberry.

Steps To Deleting And Installing 2go android version on bb Q5, Q10, Z10

I quite understand that it might to difficult getting through the simple step outlined above but I'd like to guild you through with steps.

==> The first step would be deleting the bb10 2go app you downloaded. To do this, tap and hold the 2go app

==> At this point, you would realize all apps installed on the phone are bubbling. Simply tap the trash icon right above the 2go app and choose to delete it.

==> When done deleting, the next option step would be downloading the android version of the chat app.

==> In other to save you the stress of having to search, I have uploaded the app that worked for me on sharemobile. You can download from Here.

==> When done downloading, install and open.

Now, log in your 2go username and password. Try uploading a profile pics and you can find the option to upload via gallery right? Cool huh?

That's my proven solution to been unable to upload profile pics on 2go via gallery using blackberry Z10, Q5 and Q10 phones.

Posted By: Adeniyi Samuel on Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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