Download Funny iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Images

Funny iPhone 6 image

Since the release of the New iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus, there has been a lot of speculations to this device. A lot of images have sufficed on the internet giving some kinda prices to the iPhone device and some are obviously making mockery of the … [Continue reading]

Get Infinix Zero SuperCharged With 16GB Memory From Konga + Free Delivery

Infinix Zero Supercharged version

Hi, am sure you are very much aware of the Infinix Zero Android smartphone. Yes, i personally cannot count how many times the adverts kept staring on my face like it was forcing me to purchase. No doubt, following the specifications of the phone, … [Continue reading]

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Breaks Record With 4 million Sales In 24 Hours

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus release

The talk on the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus isn't new as it has been trending all over the internet for days now. If you were not aware of this, thanks to trueinternetworld blog, you now know there is an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6 plus … [Continue reading]

Airtel 4GB For 1500 Has Been Stopped, 2GB Blackberry Plan Still Rocks

airtel 4GB data plan for 1500 has been stopped

Few days back, i exhausted my Airtel 4GB of data which i got for 1500 as against 2GB  for same 1500. This plan wasn't available for all lines and its a blackberry plan which comes with a validity period of 60 days. I guess i was sorta late on the … [Continue reading]

How To Take ScreenShots On Tecno Android Phones and Tablet

take screenshot on tecno android phones

For some time now, i have always wondered how to take screenshot on my tecno android tablet(Tecno N9) but due to maybe negligence, i have always let that slide. Just during the early hours of today, there was an urgent need to take a screenshot on a … [Continue reading]

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Official Image Wallpapers on Your Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 wallpaper1

Its just a week now since the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released and so much has been going on about this wonderful device. The device was specifically released after the just  concluded IFA 2014 which took place few weeks back. We promised to give a … [Continue reading]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Watch The Official Introduction Video

Samsung Galaxy note 4

Its no longer news that Samsung Mobile has released the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which obviously happens to be an awesome phabet. Oh well, i am not really so surprised with what this device offers in terms of features and specifications because Samsung … [Continue reading]

How Can I Make Money On Facebook As A Nigerian?

proven steps on how you can make money from facebook as a Nigerian

Yesterday, I decided to go on Facebook and updated my status saying 'While most internet users are busy having fun and burning time on Facebook, some users are busy making money via Facebook.'. I got comments to which friends on fb were asking how. … [Continue reading]

How To Share Computer Internet Connection To Other Devices Via Hotspot

share PC internet connection to other devices using hotspot

For some time now, i have always been having difficulty with really using my laptop computer internet connection as hotspot in other to browse with other devices around me. As at the last time i gave it more try, the software i knew then was … [Continue reading]

Review : Cheapest & Best Internet Plans For PC and Android Users – September 2014

cheapest internet plans for android and PC

Its the month of September and am here to give a review on the cheapest and best data plans for android and PC users. First and foremost, let me use the opportunity in wishing you a happy new month. This is the beginning of MBER season and may it … [Continue reading]