How To Check Glo Bumpa Free Bonus Credit Balance

glo bumpa plan

If you use your glo sim basically for Internet subscription like BIS and you are not on the glo bumpa package than oyo has been your case lol. Come to think of it, wouldn't it be nice if you recharge 1000 naira for glo blackberry subscription and get … [Continue reading]

How To Get Free 100MB or 200 MB from Airtel Nigeria

get free 200MB or 100MB from airtel nigeria

Its a Monday morning and starting off with some free data bundle courtesy of Airtel to your airtel line could be a great way to start the week. An 100MB data or 200MB from Airtel Nigeria could sure come in handy. Wouldn't it? Few weeks back, i … [Continue reading]

Buying And Importing Goods From Aliexpress Free Shipping Works – My Experience

shopping from aliexpress to Nigeria

Aliexpress is not new and as a matter of fact, you may be wondering how come i am just coming up with this post now after all these years. Well, the gospel truth is that i haven't tried using the site until recently and until i get detailed fact, i … [Continue reading]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone Fake Vs Original Review – How To Spot The Difference

samsung galaxy s4 original vs fake

Okay now, it has finally come to the point where i have to put up a detailed post in regards the Samsung Galaxy S4 cloned fake version and the original version. Few days ago, i wrote exclusive on how i was scammed by a seller from olx who exchanged … [Continue reading]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Got A China Cloned Fake Version – My Experience

samsung galaxy s4 china cloned

I have learnt a lesson and in a way i am not proud of. No one would have though that Samuel Adeniyi who runs trueinternetworld blog and write on tech related stuffs would fall for this kinda game but i actually did. Now, just before you probably … [Continue reading]

Best Apps To Compress Video Size On Android For Sending

compress video size on android

Yesterday,  I decided to wile away time by singing and uploading it on fb. After recording the video of just about 1:32mins, the size was about 84MB. I needed to upload it on Facebook and maybe send it to a friend via whatsapp, bbm, email or any … [Continue reading]

How To Use The Free MTN 3GB weekend plan Anyday With Simple Server

use mtn free 3gb anytime in the week

At this junction, I want to believe that you are aware of the free 3Gb data from mtn which has been in circulation for some days now. Not only should you be aware, I hope you already have enough GBs stored because today is Friday and you know what … [Continue reading]

MTN BIS Working On Android Devices Using TroidVPN – October / November 2014


Hey guys, mtn bis is currently working on android via the use of troidvpn and I am sure it is gonna come in handy. Just before we go fully to that, let me remind you that the free 3GB from mtn still works. As a matter of fact, when I checked my data … [Continue reading]

Get Free 600MB Data From Airtel Nigeria

check airtel blackberry data plan

Its been a while now since I got to know about the free airtel 600MB thingy but I wouldn't want to post something here on this blog that I haven't tested or have someone confirm it working.  I confirmed it this morning using my friend sims. One got a … [Continue reading]

Sign Up For Access Bank Internet Banking And Get Free Token For Transactions

access bank internet banking

I actually got the message from Access bank much earlier this month been October talking about getting a free token upon signing up for their internet banking service. This offer was said to be available to the first 10000 customers to sign up this … [Continue reading]